If Walls Could Talk!

I live in a building that was built in 1900 so lets just say its had plenty of time to gain some character! If I were to make an educated guess, I’d say this 4 unit building was once a rather large home. I’ve tried multiple times to dig up some history to only find out it was renovated in the 90’s. It’s a great building and I love our apartment but if you look closely you can see its age. And for the second time, we’ve found previous tenant’s treasures hidden in the dark modge podged nooks and cracks. Yesterday while cleaning out a closet, I found this gem hidden behind an air duct!


This postcard was sent in 1981 and by the looks of it, it’s been lost for quite some time. But I think my favorite part about it is the message written amongst friends:

“Budda is wise! Pretty lad, send me pretty pictures – we’ll get to know each other!”

“Hello Mike! Do the stars speak to you? Is your soul winging thru the chorus of voices – intertwining, androgenous & longing for – we know not what – but sense very acutely – all us tender-hearted ones – me – Gwen, Lisa. We must keep our kinship! – Love, Donna – We love you”


I like to imagine they’re still writing messages to one another today.

  One thought on “If Walls Could Talk!

  1. November 28, 2016 at 11:47 am

    What a cool find!

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