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Goth Darnit!

For those of you who don’t know, I work for Zumiez HQ in their photo studio. We recently had our Web Department’s Holiday party. Within our teams we had to think of a Holiday themed uniform and come up with team names. So allow me to present to you:

“Goth Darnit!” A goth Christmas!

P.S. We totally won the costume contest!

Sweater Weather

My favorite time of the year! So I’ve been knitting my kitsch knits for some time now and I’ve finally put them to good use. I decided to put all my little knit creations on a second hand sweater and I’m totally digging it. I knit all the patches with the exception of the pom-poms, those were made by my rad bestest Kat! Hope you like it!


Ash+Ember Co

I was recently asked to take photos for Ash+Ember Co. Their scarves are handmade right here in Seattle, with a wide variety of patterns and colors! Both Ashley (the owner) and Lilly (our model) were great to work with! Be sure to check out theirΒ etsy.

P.S. They make tote bags too!