I’ve got exciting news!

I have a few things to share with everyone… mixandmack is 2 years old! Perfect timing to open up my new Etsy shop!  Shop mixandmack is open for business. Please take a look!


But thats not all! As you may notice my shop looks a little bare for the moment, as I will add more product shortly. But I want to announce that I’m selling Girl Power stickers in hopes of raising money for Planned Parenthood. For every sticker sold, I’ll donate $1.00 to Planned Parenthood.



Womxn’s March Seattle


Yesterday myself and 120,000 fellow nasty women, woke baes and their families marched the streets of Seattle for equality. It was overwhelmingly inspirational, so much love and support. Not only in Seattle, but all over the world, millions marched and not one arrest was reported. I’m so grateful to experience such an awe-inspiring moment. However, now that we’ve got their attention, it’s important that we stay involved.


.Hotel Stays and Scott’s Birthday.

Tomorrow is Scott’s Birthday, so last night we stayed at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel, just for fun and to feel fancy. We watched cable TV and drank champagne in our king sized bed! Before we left I took a couple portraits on my phone.


Goth Darnit!

For those of you who don’t know, I work for Zumiez HQ in their photo studio. We recently had our Web Department’s Holiday party. Within our teams we had to think of a Holiday themed uniform and come up with team names. So allow me to present to you:

“Goth Darnit!” A goth Christmas!

P.S. We totally won the costume contest!


Here’s wishing everyone a Holiday season full of love and laughter! Hope you enjoy this years Christmas card!


Many Thanks!

For those of you who don’t know, which most of you do, I was featured on The WordPress Discover page! I’m very honored that someone found my work uniqueΒ enough to be put in the spotlight. I love creating and it feels great to hear such positive feedback. And for all of my new followers: Thanks for all the love and I promise to keep delivering my best!

You Guys ROCK!!


Glamor Shots

I wanted a new headshot with my short hair and wound up with glamor shots! Love it!

P.S. Have I mentioned I’m in a sticker club!?