Hello Strangers!

Ok, ok, maybe I’m the stranger… I certainly have been absent lately. And instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m gonna put it behind me and come back strong! What can I say, blogging can be hard and life has been beautifully busy. There’s been a great deal of change, so let me catch you up…

     On top of turning 30 and getting engaged, we bought a house! And dare I call it, my DREAM house! So since then I’ve pretty much spent every waking moment making it as cute as possible. All it needs is a pink door, which is on the agenda for next summer!


Thanks to Bryce, for being the only one who actually took our photo out front. Thank goodness for screen shots!

We weren’t the only ones who moved this summer either. Lets just say this has been the season of ALL of the moves. We helped friends move across town, said goodbye to friends making the move overseas and said hello to friends who moved into town! There’s been promotions, new jobs, anniversaries and gender reveals. And I can only imagine the changes will continue to come!

SO! To get me back in the habit of posting regularly, I’m going to do 30 days of outfits! Get ready, cause here they come!!!


Smoke Bomb Babies!

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday on the Oregon Coast with some of my favorite people. I can’t explain how much love I felt to know so many amazing friends were willing to travel the distance and help me ring in my 30’s. And oh what fun we had! I love you all!!


Life Moves!

Once again, I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth. Sometimes life just gets busy! But I’m coming back with some EXCITING news! A couple weeks ago, Scott got down on one knee and popped the big question! So here I am, with a ring on my finger, telling you I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend! He caught me completely off guard too, asking me in the photo booth of the Unicorn, aka the bar we first met at. Here’s the photo fun to prove it! 😉

P.S. The flower motif ring is from the 1880’s! He knows me SO well! LOVE!


So every time I get my hair done my boss momma stylist asks me to take a self portrait. Now I don’t have the most perfect track record for following through on that. But this time I think I did her proud. Thanks Kurstin and K Squared Hair for always making me look fab!